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Web design

A professional website for your company/store/association/etc. is very important nowadays. Because of our years of experience in building websites, webshops, and web apps we can perfectly assist you in the design and development of your site.

How we work

Together with the customer, we find out what exactly is expected from the website. This is put into clear specifications.


Before we build the actual site, we create a preview so the client already has an idea of what the site will look like.


After approval of the prototype, we get to work and build the site completely according to the agreed upon specifications.


Once the site is completed, analysis of user behavior allows us to further tailor the site to customer needs.

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What is important to us?

Responsive Design

We think it's important that a website works well on all devices. Currently, almost half of all website visits are viewed on a smartphone!

Website Speed

A slow-loading website means a potential loss of customers. We make sure your website is lightning fast!

Focus on Usability

We are committed to making the websites we build as user-friendly as possible. This gives website visitors a better experience.


Internet Properties

Leys Media operates several internet properties in the retail industry. Our visitors mainly come from Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Some stats:


Monthly visitors


Newsletter subscribers

We offer various advertising opportunities on the websites (display ads, native ads), by email (premium content in a newsletter), and on our social media channels.

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Fullstack webdeveloper

Does something urgently need to be adjusted on your site/web app/webshop/plugin / ...?

Has your site been hacked and does it need to be fixed?

We love to solve problems like these for you. We have extensive experience in both backend and frontend technologies such as SQL, PHP, asp, Perl, Python, javascript, HTML, CSS, and more. We also have extensive experience with content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ...

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